Plan, staff & manage events - all in one place.

Complex spreadsheets. Dozens of emails. Unexpected no shows. It doesn’t have to be this way. Centralize communication with your team, plan them to jobs in mere minutes, and keep track of the hours they work - all in Rentman.

  • Control every step of your planning process
  • Prevent miscommunication with your crew
  • Automate time-consuming tasks

Everybody has access to the right information at any moment. With all the information in one place, we have better control and can work much more efficient.

Addie van den Berg Owner, Ocean Entertainment

Invite Crew

Manage communication channels when working with freelancers and remote crew

Say goodbye to hundreds of telephone calls and manual emails. Your crew members and freelancers have access to free basic accounts that can be used to view schedules and manage tasks, files and messages. All of your communication can be sent out and managed from within Rentman.

  • Communicate with your crew in the Rentman Mobile App
  • Sync schedules with Google, Microsoft, and Apple calendars
  • Send emails and printable call sheets
  • Manage user roles and assign appropriate rights to determine who can access certain files
Stay on top of last-minute changes

Stay on top of last-minute changes

Whether the location changes, the start time is moved, or everyone needs to wear black – With Rentman you can easily manage last-minute changes.

  • Rentman tracks who is affected by a change and notifies you about who still needs to be updated after you make changes
  • Communicate only relevant new or updated information
Always know who is available

Always know who is available

During event staffing, a lot of planning time is spent keeping track of which crew members and freelancers are available for a job. It can be time-consuming to monitor multiple communication channels such as emails, phone calls, or Whatsapp messages.

With Rentman, you can centralize all the communication with your crew in one place:

  • Give your crew the option to proactively communicate their availabilities
  • Send (bulk)invites to selected crew
  • Use in-app notifications for invites and allow in-app responses
Collaborate with multiple people

Collaborate with multiple people on the same planning

If multiple people are involved in the planning process, it is easy to overlook changes that were made to a project. Rentman tracks all project updates, so you always know if time schedules were adjusted, extra staff was added or cancelations occurred.

This brings clarity to your work and ensures that both planners and account managers can easily view the current project status.

  • See all schedule changes made by any account manager
  • Choose how you want to communicate with your crew when the schedule changes or a project is canceled
  • View a complete history of changes
Time tracking made easy

Keep track of worked hours

Shifts in the events' industry can be quite irregular and depending on the outcome of an event, it can often be difficult to determine beforehand when a working day will end.

With Rentman’s time registration, you can easily track worked hours and make sure that your crew is paid accordingly.

  • Clock in and out with the Rentman app
  • Make sure overtime is tracked accordingly
  • Get insights into planned and worked hours
Keep your business afloat

Keep your business afloat by monitoring profit margins

Projects and therefore the number of worked hours can easily change in this industry. With Rentman you can compare estimates of your planned workforce to actual costs. This way you have a complete view of the profits/losses of each step.

  • See if labor costs match quoted price
  • Specify deviating rates and price agreements for specific jobs
  • Recalculate overtime into billing
incoming labor invoices

Manage incoming labor invoices

Track which freelancers have already sent you an invoice, for which activities, and if the amount on it is correct. Get your administration in order before the end of the quarter.

  • Track invoice references for invoiced activities
  • Make sure an activity is not invoiced twice
  • Get an overview of invoices you are still expecting
Travel Times

Keep track of travel time

Quoted times usually do not include travel times. Even though travel times will differ per person and per project, with Rentman you can easily keep track of travel times and take them into consideration accordingly.

  • Specify per function if travel times apply or if your staff was already on location
  • Calculate travel times automatically with Google Maps
  • Schedule vehicles and assign drivers
Freelancer Database

Build a freelancer database

With Rentman you have all the information about your (external) staff that you need to make decisions about who is the best fit for the job.

  • Register rates and functions
  • Find the right specialist for the job by filtering on specific tags
  • Take notes and keep a history of performance
  • Store frequently used documents that are requested by clients (copy of passport, proof of good conduct, certificates)
  • Keep an overview of past enrollments, communication, and worked hours
Synchonize in one system

Synchronize planning and quoting in one system

With Rentman you can easily create a schedule from a quote without any extra work. No need to enter information, such as time schedules or rates, into the system twice.

  • Create quotes based on duration, specify exact times later
  • Ask the right price based on hourly, daily, or fixed rates
  • Create templates for frequently used job types, timeframes, and sales text
Plan invisible

Keep your schedules temporarily hidden from your crew

Sometimes you just need to puzzle around to come up with the best schedule. In Rentman, you can make a draft and move items around without making the schedule visible to your crew.

When you are ready, you can share the schedule and make it visible.

  • Make a draft of a schedule that is not visible to your crew
  • Choose what your crew can see in schedules
  • Make planning public per function, for a full project or timeframe
Location Details bigger

Keep track of location details

Every event location is different, you need to be able to give your crew full transparency about what they can expect and make sure they receive the right instructions beforehand.

Register all relevant information about a venue in Rentman.

  • Store contact information
  • Indicate location details
  • Keep staff informed on the go via the Rentman app

The platform that brings your team together


Multiple views allow planners to control every step of the planning process. See availabilities, filter crew based on the needed skills or expertise, and assign suitable crew members to job functions.

  • Filter for projects that require your attention
  • View all planned jobs in a timeline
  • Filter crew by skills or certificates
  • Track skills and history of crew & freelancers
  • Choose how you want to communicate with your crew
  • Drag and drop crew between functions
  • Collaborate with multiple planners on the same schedule
  • Keep your schedules temporarily hidden from your crew
Crew / Freelancers

With the Rentman Mobile App, crew members and freelancers can easily respond to job invites on the go, and stay up-to-date on calendar updates & schedule changes without needing to access a desktop.

  • Sync your Rentman calendar with your personal calendar
  • Clock in and out using the Rentman app
  • Indicate work availability and respond to invites
  • Check location details and work instructions from the app
  • Combine multiple Rentman accounts in one app
  • Receive notifications (app, email) on important schedule updates
  • See contact details from other people on the job
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Account Managers

Account managers have several flexible options to create quotes. Receive a notification when the quote is due and view a list of quotes to follow up on.

  • Create quotes and turn them into a schedule
  • Add a digital signature option to your quotes and receive notification on approval
  • Copy and paste resources from previous jobs
  • Use preconfigured time schedules to speed up your planning
  • Automatic calculations of margins
  • Receive a notification when the quote expires
  • CRM and task management
Account managers
Accounting & Finance

If you are responsible for finances, you can match invoices received from freelancers to work that has been done. Then, choose your preferred format when exporting invoices.

  • Manage incoming labor invoices
  • Connect Rentman with your accounting software using our API
  • Integrate with QuickBooks or Xero
  • Get an overview of upcoming invoices
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Why you should use Rentman to manage your workforce

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  • We understand your business - made for your industry

    As we do not only specialize in event staffing but also equipment scheduling for event companies, we know the ins and outs of the industry. We know what can go wrong and what is important when scheduling your workforce for events.

  • Reduce staff communication channels to one

    Instead of using multiple platforms to communicate with your staff, you now only need one. Working hours, schedule changes, cancelations, or additional required information can all easily be communicated from within Rentman.

  • Prevent miscommunication

    By being able to see all changes made by people involved in the planning process, you can be sure to always be up-to-date about any changes.

That's not all

More event staffing features

Move complete schedules to a new date
You can shift the whole planning to a few days later without going over each individual function.
Define your own fields
Define what you additionally want to register about your crew, and group those fields into logical sections.
Rest between shifts
Use the timeline view to see if there is enough rest between shifts.
Dynamic schedule
Define all relevant events in a project yourself.
Tours and bigger projects
Split bigger projects per area or venue, or work with bigger tours in subprojects.
Hourly backups
With hourly backups, you can revert your complete planning to a previous point in time and easily correct mistakes.

Manage all your crew communication from one single platform

With Rentman you have complete control over any step of your planning process at any time and from any device.

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