Managing your workforce has never been easier.

Keep your projects on track and your employees happy with this simple and complete workforce management tool.

Gain more insight
Keep a clear overview of your scheduled projects and upcoming tasks.
Save time
Check availability, create schedules, and communicate with your employees in a flash.
Boost communication
Keep everyone in the loop by assigning tasks, sharing files and work instructions in real-time.

How it works


See who's available

In a timeline view, it's easy to choose team members and see how their schedules match up with your projects.

Request availability

Invite your employees to fill in their availability, with the option of not giving them information about the job.

Create personal calendars

Your team members can manage their own schedules, appointments, and availability with free user accounts.


Create schedules in minutes

Use drag-and-drop features to create schedules and identify what needs to be done. Quickly fill shifts based on employee availability, training, and cost.

Schedule the right people at the right time across different roles or locations. By storing skills with tags and filters, you make sure to always schedule the best person for the job.

Send invitations in record time

To invite someone, all you have to do is choose a job, find the right person, and send out a request.

You can invite more than one team member, and it's up to you to decide if it's on a first-come, first-served basis or if you want to send invites in batches based on the skills your team will need to complete the job.


Share files and job instructions

Send your employees all of the files and information they need to complete a job.

Receive notifications in real-time

Whether you send out work invites, schedules, or documents, your team will stay updated in real-time on any device.

Handle changes with ease

If someone is no longer available, you can quickly give their tasks to someone else on your team. Through dragging and dropping a job, you can easily reduce or expand the duration of it.

All-in-one Workforce Management Software

Rentman has everything you need to check availability, create schedules, and communicate with your employees.