Making work easier for event rental and production companies

Rentman is the all-in-one solution that lets event rental teams work more productively. From one-man shows to large production companies, thousands of event professionals use Rentman to realize big and small events from start to finish.

From the industry, for the industry

Our story begins in 2011. The owner of an AV rental company is looking for a management program, but all the available solutions are over-complicated and expensive. So, he develops a solution that is both easy-to-use and affordable for every company — Rentman. Today, over 50 000 AV and event professionals use Rentman daily to manage their activities.

Always listening, always improving

We focus on our two most precious resources: our team and our users. From our office in Utrecht (NL), our constantly growing team of young and passionate people collects users' feedback to improve the software on a daily basis. This way, we can give our users the best solution for their needs.

Our goal

Why do we do this? Last year, Rentman users created 636.074 projects – we helped our customers carry out almost 650 thousand concerts, broadcasts, weddings, and conferences. Thanks to this, millions of people were able to enjoy special moments - and this is what it's all about.


Meet the team

Roy van den Broek Operations

Fanou van der Brugge Operations

Sven Geurts Operations

Stella Brand Operations

Tessa Spraakman Operations

Simon Pool Development

Maarten van de Water Development

Martijn Welker Development

Peter Maatman Development

Lourens Kos Development

Algirdas Brazauskas Development

Boris Dedejski Development

Justin Jamanika Development

John Pereira Development

Onno Feringa Development

Namila Perera Development

Gustavo Castro Development

Erwin Bergervoet Development

Nikki Westenborg Development

Manuel Estefanell Development

Nima Fallahian Sichani Development

Axel Keicher Development

Tatum Nemeth Development

Rafael Milia Development

Maryam Mohamadi Development

Douwe Schepers Development

Rick Soons Product

Arjan Immeker Product

Krista Trostle Product

Jop Brandenburg Product

Evgenia Kazankova Product

Maurice Bos Product

Lode Dams Customer Experience

Sebastiaan Valks Customer Experience

Daniel Bigio Customer Experience

Sicco Peterse Customer Experience

Markus Foale Customer Experience

Fanny Hettrich Customer Experience

Jordan Chan Customer Experience

Adriana Chwola Customer Experience

Costantino Bucci Customer Experience

Natalia Weissker Customer Experience

Chantal van Brummelen Customer Experience

PJ Pragasam Customer Experience

Stefano la Rosa Customer Experience

Maxi Wolff Customer Experience

Vianney Reyes Customer Experience

Lukas Mrugalla Customer Experience

Saymon Tang Customer Experience

Jasper Benchara-Braxton Customer Experience

Mae Mohammadi Customer Experience

Coraline Cascailh Customer Experience

Aida Pérez Customer Experience

Ajara Inkarova Customer Experience

Aurore Lacoste Customer Experience

Tim Grohmann Sales

Joost Maris Sales

Tobias Holzner Sales

Mayara Drumond Sales

Marc Schmidt Sales

Tommy Lee Sales

Xavier Sanmarti Sales

Sarah Cailhol Sales

Sebastian Nijdam Sales

Ferran Roura I Caracuel Sales

Rebecca Schäfer Marketing

Ricardo Singh Marketing

Jacqueline van den Top Marketing

Rares Bratucu Marketing

Leticia Nogueira Marketing

Reginald Martyr Marketing

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