Equipment rental software

Manage all your equipment from one single platform! Keep track of equipment availability at all times, send out quotes and invoices based on your planning, easily process equipment returns and make sure all items are in perfect condition. 

  • See real-time equipment availability data
  • Send out quotes & invoices within a few clicks
  • Keep track of maintenance and equipment utilization
  • Manage equipment across multiple stock locations and warehouses
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Thanks to the visual overview, we can check the availability of our equipment at any point in time, which has greatly reduced the times we forgot a piece during preparation.

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Real time overview of equipment availability by the minute-EN

Real-time overview of equipment availability by the minute

Say goodbye to double bookings and always know where your equipment is located at all times and how much stock you have available.

  • Get a live overview of the equipment you have on hand at any given moment
  • Quickly view availability for a certain item for a specific time frame on the go
  • Get notified when equipment is not available
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Flexible price calculation

Flexible price calculation

The prices you charge may vary per customer and equipment type. You might want to give a discount to returning customers or price equipment differently that is rented out for multiple days rather than for a single day.

  • Set prices, discounts, and factors for multi-day rentals
  • Add optional equipment to your quote
  • Specify standard discount rate per customer
Read more about Quoting & Invoicing
Manage multiple equipment locations

Manage multiple equipment locations

Rentman allows you to manage multiple stock locations or warehouses from one single platform. Store your equipment in different locations and solve shortages through internal subrentals.

  • Rent out equipment from multiple locations for a single job
  • Solve shortages by subrenting from a different branch
  • Direct insight in availability of different warehouses and stock locations
  • Plan transfers between locations
  • Keep your equipment where it is needed next
Learn more about multiple equipment locations
Insights into equipment usage, costs and profits (2)

Insight into equipment usage, costs, and profits

By tracking equipment usage, costs, and profits, you get a detailed view of the return on your equipment investments and can make smarter purchase decisions in the future.

  • Get a better overview of unused equipment
  • See which equipment needs more than average repairs
  • Connect to your accounting software on ledger level (Quickbooks, Xero)
  • Insight into deprecation of equipment
  • Smart purchase suggestions
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Maintenance and repair administration

Maintenance and repair administration

Easily mark equipment as defect or schedule it for inspections. These items will automatically be taken out of your inventory availability.

  • See open repairs and service orders
  • Charge repairs and lost items to your customer in a few clicks
  • Work with external repair shops and add notes, receipts, and communication of external suppliers
  • Print customizable repair slips or labels
  • View repair history on serial number level
Manage repairs & inspections
Bookings from your webshop

Receive orders online

Give your customers a better rental experience by offering your products online. Receive the bookings from your web shop directly in Rentman and let customers pay online.

  • Manage your inventory from one place only and automatically synchronize your available inventory in the web shop with your inventory in Rentman
  • Add a payment link on your invoice with the preferred payment method for your customer (e.g. Stripe, Credit card)
  • Receive orders directly from other companies using Rentman and respond with a quote in a couple of clicks
Check out our WooCommerce integration
Easily solve issues caused by delayed returns

Stay ahead of delayed returns before they become a problem

Sometimes orders don’t arrive at the agreed-upon time, which can create conflicts in your planning. Rentman helps you solve issues in your planning by suggesting alternative equipment and giving you a complete overview of what still needs to be returned.

  • See an overview of orders that are late
  • Solve availability issues when rescheduling an event
  • Add equipment back to your rentable stock if it comes in early
Bundle equipment together

Bundle equipment together

For equipment items often rented out together, you can easily create bundles in Rentman. Offer a special price for the bundle and make sure you never forget to plan the pins for trusses or the clamps for the moving heads!

  • Create combinations of items that are often rented out together but can also be rented out separately
  • Bundle items together that are always rented out together to plan equipment faster and easier
  • Receive suggestions for accessories while planning
Reduce mistakes_ Checkout Reduce mistakes_ Checkout equipment

Reduce mistakes: Checkout equipment with QR codes, barcodes or RFID

With Rentman’s free licenses for warehouse employees, everybody can book equipment by using a dedicated scanner or the free app on their phone. This avoids mistakes as everybody in your warehouse is able to check and inspect equipment returning to the warehouse.

  • Get insights into the status of equipment in the warehouse
  • Support for QR-code, barcode and RFID tags
  • Unlimited free warehouse users

No need to scan equipment in containers more than once

Speed up your processes by scanning equipment in containers only once. Seal it and the system will track the content automatically (both serialized and bulk) during transports and even between projects.

  • Track which serialized equipment is in which flight case
  • Keep track of content of free-use containers
  • Easily create accurate transport documents
Learn more about containers

Manage transportation

If a customer wants to have an order delivered, you need to take care of the transportation. Rentman calculates distance and costs automatically. You can also plan multiple jobs per ride for a driver.

  • Optimize transportation with weight and volume calculations
  • Automatic distance calculator
  • Use project templates to attach default transport with a single click
  • Integrate with Routetitan or PTV dedicated transport planners
Let customers sign agreements digitally

Let customers sign agreements digitally

With the e-signature, renting out equipment and processing returns can be handled within seconds.

  • Charge repairs and lost items to your customer in a few clicks
  • Digitally sign agreements for pickups and returns

Manage all your equipment rentals centralized in one system


Fast and easy handling of orders

Rentman allows you to handle incoming orders quickly, with the use of templates, automatic email responses, and the possibility to send out quotes directly from the software. By managing all steps of the planning process from one single platform, managing incoming orders has never been easier.

  • Manage web shop products, orders, quoting, and transport in one system
  • Easily send quotes to your customers from your Rentman workspace and get notified when they approve them with their e-signature
  • Use templates to complete order information in a few clicks

Always know how much equipment you have available

With Rentman you’ll have a complete overview of equipment movements. Seeing which items have already been scanned and packed allows for easy collaboration with your fellow warehouse crew and speeds up the packing process.

  • Digital and printed packing slips
  • See in real-time what your colleagues have already packed
  • Track if expected deliveries have arrived
  • Split out your packing slips by department
  • Support for multiple warehouses and stock locations

Clear overview of invoices and deposits

When renting out items, you need to be flexible, as extra items are often added at the last minute. In Rentman you can easily add additional invoice lines on the go, register deposits, and see if deposits have been returned.

  • Connect Rentman to QuickBooks, Xero, or your preferred accounting software by using our API
  • Receive an overview of what still needs to be invoiced
  • Send automatic payment reminders
  • Choose different invoice moments for different clients
  • Easily manage deposits and view if deposits have been returned

Be in control of your repairs

Equipment can break or return damaged. It also needs to be inspected regularly to make sure it’s in perfect condition to be rented out. Rentman makes it easy to track inspections and repairs.

  • Define multiple types of inspections and enroll an equipment item
  • Set a deadline for repairs so that you know when equipment can be planned again
  • Report defects and upload images from the app
  • Let warehouse employees report a defective item when the order returns
  • Customize your overview of repair jobs with filters, custom fields, and flexible tasks
  • CRM for repair management with notes and external suppliers
  • Flexible reports about history and money spent on repairs
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Why use Rentman to manage your equipment rental business

  • Speed up your sales process

    Create quotes in the blink of an eye with accurate prices and without any mistakes. No repetitive work needed: let the system work for you.

  • Reduce errors by improving accountability and traceability

    Reduce mistakes to a minimum. Keep track of where your equipment currently is, where it was in the past, and see who handled it. Manage inspections, repairs, lost items, to make sure only equipment in perfect condition will be packed.

  • Take your efficiency to the next level

    Make smart business decisions based on accurate insights into costs, ROI, usage, and durability of equipment. View availability in real-time to never have to say no to a rental request because you are not sure if the right equipment would be available.

That's not all

More equipment rental features

Bulk booking
Book multiple items in one go with a single swipe in the Rentman mobile app.
Equipment database
Add manuals, pictures of equipment, and notes.
Plan enough time to prepare
Don’t just plan when equipment is used, but also when it has to be prepared and won’t be available.
Customize quotes
Create templates and customize your quotes to your liking.
Add accessories automatically
Never forget a cable again! Rentman will automatically add your accessories to packing lists.
Quick availability lookup function
Quickly check if an item is available and what the available quantity is.

Get real-time insights into equipment availabilities, schedule inspections and easily process returns

Start renting out equipment more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction!

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