Availabilities & Scheduling

No more guesswork, double bookings, and shortages.

Stay up-to-date on what's available and rented out, so you're always one step ahead of shortages and double bookings.

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Reduce guesswork
Know what you have on hand 24/7.

Get a clear view of what's available and eliminate the need for tedious communication between departments.

Avoid scheduling conflicts
Put an end to double bookings.

Track equipment on a serial number level and prevent booking the same item for multiple jobs.

Make better decisions
Prevent equipment shortages.

Identify shortages ahead of time and quickly solve them with alternative items or with subrentals.

What we do

Get full transparency of your entire stock.


Know what's on every shelf 24/7.

Get a timeline view of what's available or not for every job, so you can quickly know if you can fulfill a customer request and prevent inconveniences like double bookings and extra expenses.


Eliminate information silos

Save hours of communication with warehouse managers. Quickly see what you have on hand in every warehouse in seconds.


Create physical and virtual combinations

Bundle items together in a virtual combination if they are often sold/rented together, or if you would like to offer them in a package. 

Want to make sure that your camera kits always go with the right lenses and cables? Try out our physical combinations.


Put an end to double bookings.

Prevent booking the same item for multiple jobs by tracking equipment on a serial number level.

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Lower subrental costs

Solve your shortages in one place and get a clearer overview of all of your available options, so you don’t always need to subrent equipment from other businesses.


Quickly identify replacements

Do you have another item on hand that can be used as a replacement for your shortage? Add it as an alternative! It will show up as an alternative the next time there's a shortage.


Solve the puzzle as efficiently as possible

Know how to divide your equipment across jobs.

Decide how items are allocated across jobs and make sure that your expensive equipment doesn't stay untouched.

Use multiple timelines to fly in your most expensive equipment last. This way you have it available for other productions long before the last equipment comes out of the truck.


  • Create flexible time schedules
  • Differentiate between the time your equipment is not available for other projects and the time you charge your customer for the usage
Transfer equipment between stock locations 4

Transfer equipment from one warehouse to another

Make sure your gear is always in the right place.

Prepare warehouses for busy periods ahead, and increase your turnover when it matters most. 

If there are lots of events coming up in one area, you can transfer equipment to your warehouse there, so you always have enough equipment on hand to take on extra jobs.


  • Make sure your inventory is always rotating
  • Don't lose out on potential revenue
  • Reduce subrental costs

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With Rentman we are saving probably around 30 to 40% of our time that we can now invest into value-added areas that help us deliver higher quality events.

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