Analytics & Reporting

Use your data to make better decisions.

Identify which equipment is most profitable, what your next purchase should be, where you lose revenue, and much more.

Know how your business is performing

By managing everything in one place, you can make your data more impactful and create truly valuable reports.

  • Create custom reports

    Connect data from every asset of your company and get performance insights on project revenue, crew performance, equipment use, subrentals, and more.

  • Get a better overview of your costs

    With Rentman you can break down the differences between your estimated and actual costs for each project. This helps you to make more accurate estimations and quotes.

  • Export your data

    Export the reports you create as .xlsx or .csv file.

Questions your data can answer for you.

What equipment should I invest in?
Base your next purchase on what equipment you needed to subrent most.
What should I focus acquisition on?
Break down what kind of jobs bring you most revenue to help you focus your sales efforts.
Who is working the most?
See if you can cover more jobs with your own staff instead of freelancers.
What equipment should I sell?
Build a history for each item to know what serial numbers you rented out most and needed most repairs.
Which sales employee is bringing in the most?
Get an overview of revenue per account manager to see what areas need improvement.
What are my most valuable customers?
Check what customers bring you most revenue and retain your top customers.

Start making better decisions with your data.

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