Manage repairs and inspections

Manage equipment downtime efficiently and easily so your equipment can be back to making money in no time. Track recurring inspections and ongoing maintenance so nothing slips through the cracks again.

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Ensure repairs are reported

With the Rentman app, every team member can easily scan or register new repairs on-site or from the warehouse. When you enter the repair details, you can decide if you should charge the expenses to your client and if the item should be taken out of stock.

  • Automatic notification when a new repair is added
  • Scan equipment to add repairs

Plan inspections

With Rentman you can keep track of upcoming inspection dates for your equipment. Schedule recurring inspections and cleaning to make sure your inventory is always in the best condition.

  • Keep track of inspections on serial number level
  • Add inspections in bulk or by scanning items

With Rentman our technicians on-site can scan equipment failures directly into the repairs module

Cairbre O’Shea Operations Director, AVCom

Repairs and Inspections features

Register lost equipment
Report missing items via the Rentman app so they are automatically removed from your stock calculations.
Manage surcharges
When registering new repairs or lost equipment, you can charge your client for the damage and make sure this is added to the invoice.
Maintenance view
See and manage all of your inspections, repairs, and lost equipment in one comprehensive view.

Keep better track of equipment maintenance