Software for broadcasting and media production

With Rentman you can manage equipment, crew and transportation across multiple locations. Always know how much gear you have available, make sure no equipment is lost, and manage all your productions from one place!

  • Track equipment across multiple studios and stock locations
  • Keep track of repairs and inspections
  • See real-time gear availability data
Software for broadcasting and media production

If a camera breaks, I can create a repair on-site and my colleague at the workshop will be informed about the incoming work.

Peter Project Manager at PP Broadcasting

Camera kits and flypacks

Manage camera equipment and flypacks

Professional cameras contain a combination of multiple equipment items. We offer extensive possibilities to bundle items together to have maximum flexibility. Never forget any accessories!

  • See suggested accessories while planning your gear
  • Differentiate between equipment that is always rented out together and equipment items that can also be rented out separately
  • Keep receipts and warranty certificates in one place
Assign and track equipment on serial number level

Assign and track equipment on serial number level

In Rentman you can plan and track each individual item by assigning serial numbers. This way, your crew always knows which item to pack, and you can keep a complete (repair) history of your gear.

  • Plan serial numbers, so your warehouse crew knows which specific items to prepare
  • View a timeline of the availabilities for each serialized equipment item
  • Keep a history of projects and repairs for each individual item
Manage equipment across different  broadcasting studios

Manage equipment across different broadcasting studios

Some of your equipment might be semi-permanently rigged in a studio and not be available for a production. With Rentman you can keep track of equipment across multiple locations. Get insights into what items are placed where.

  • Keep track of which items are located in which studio
  • Exclude studio equipment from availability when planning projects
  • Subrent internally from a studio to temporarily use fixed equipment
More about multiple equipment locations
Keep track of repairs

Keep track of repairs

Your crew can easily report repairs and state all the details about their occurrence. This way, the repair/equipment manager is always aware of what needs to be done for each individual item, and you can prevent any availability conflicts for future projects. 

  • Let crew members add repair reports from any location
  • Know when there are conflicts with availability in your planning if equipment is reported broken and solve them
  • Schedule camera checks and gear inspections
More about repairs
Make sure equipment in OB vans is complete

Make sure equipment in OB vans is complete

An OB van usually has a basic setup that can be extended for a certain project. Make it clear to your crew which equipment should be added additionally, and make sure that fixed inventory is always installed in the truck.

  • Keep an up-to-date list of equipment inside the truck
  • Plan drivers and logistics
  • Add compatible accessories that will be suggested to you while planning equipment
  • Use project templates to plan similar types of projects faster
Renting versus purchasing decisions

Renting versus purchasing decisions

Are you in doubt whether to buy or rent specific equipment for a long-running project? Use reports in Rentman to make smarter purchase decisions.

  • Track depreciation of your gear
  • View subrental costs and total usage period for each individual item
  • Generate reports to make better purchasing decisions
Pre- and postproduction

Pre- and postproduction

Keep track of hours worked on pre- and postproduction and assign tasks that have to be done before the actual recording can start.

  • Track worked hours and associated activities
  • Store technical details inside a project with notes, tasks & files
  • Assign tasks to pre-production crew
Work on productions abroad

Work on productions abroad

Because Rentman makes it easy to plan on serial number level, you can easily generate transport documents (Carnets) for your productions in other countries.

  • Track which serial number is in which container
  • Export equipment lists with serial numbers for individual projects
  • Calculate the total value for insurance of transport
Don’t let expensive equipment stay untouched

Don’t let your expensive equipment stay untouched

It can take quite a long time to prepare a studio for a project. Use multiple timelines to fly in your most expensive equipment last. This way you have it available for other productions long before the last equipment comes out of the truck.

  • Create flexible time schedules
  • Differentiate between the time your equipment is not available for other projects and the time you charge your customer for the usage
Create digital callsheets

Create digital call sheets

Plan crew for a multi camera production and keep them in the loop by sending them your customized call sheets. You can also use the Rentman mobile app to make sure your crew is always up-to-date.

  • Customize call sheets and decide what information your crew should see
  • Flexible crew costs with daily and hourly rates
  • Let your crew access relevant information in the mobile app
One system for small reservations and big projects

One system for small reservations and big projects

No broadcasting job is the same! Our clean interface facilitates both a quick reservation of a single camera or a bigger production with a lot of subrentals. No matter the production size, with Rentman you can manage all equipment availability from one place.

  • Build complex projects in just a few clicks
  • Work with presets and custom views to hide information that you don’t need
  • Easy interface that doesn’t require training

One platform to bring your media production to life

Chief Engineer

From concept to equipment list

Create a technical equipment list and make sure that all the right tools are planned that are needed for the project.

  • Get an overview of equipment availability
  • Work faster by bundling equipment together and adding needed accessories
  • See outstanding repairs and book alternatives
  • Work with default studio equipment or take out items temporarily
  • Transfer items between studios
Chief Engineer
Project Manager

Always know if the project is on track

Specify requirements and deliverables. Assign tasks for the different phases of your project and keep track of worked hours and related activities.

  • List all requirements
  • Use preconfigured time schedules
  • View all jobs and availabilities in the calendar
  • CRM and task management
  • Create a quote and turn it into a schedule
  • Track budgets with estimated costs, planned costs, and actual costs
Project Manager

Make sure all items are packed

Work together on fulfilling packing lists to make sure all needed equipment is packed and ready for the job. Use QR codes or RFID scanners to reduce errors and ensure no items are missing.

  • Digital and printed packing slips
  • Work with multiple people on the same packing slip and see updates in real time
  • Have an overview of orders that come in and go out for the day
  • Track if expected returns have arrived
  • Report missing and damaged equipment
  • Support for multiple warehouses and stock locations
Book and return equipment from multiple locations to events-EN

Keep your crew up to date

With the Rentman mobile app, crew members and freelancers can easily respond to job invites on the go, and stay up-to-date on calendar updates & schedule changes without needing to access a desktop.

  • Sync your Rentman calendar with your own calendar
  • Clock in and out using the Rentman app
  • Indicate work availability and respond to invites
  • Check location details and work instructions from the app
  • Combine multiple Rentman accounts in one app
  • Receive notifications (app, email) on important schedule updates
  • See contact details from other people on the job

Why you should manage your media and broadcasting business with Rentman

  • Manage all your gear from one place

    You now only need one software to keep track of all your equipment. Plan equipment for productions, register repairs and manage transportation from one platform.

  • Plan every step needed for a successful production

    Crew, equipment and transportation can all be managed from a single platform. Save time communicating with your staff and make sure all resources are where they need to be.

  • Get the most value out of your equipment and reduce mistakes

    With Rentman you always have a complete overview of equipment availability. Make sure your most expensive equipment doesn't go untouched, avoid double bookings and track individual equipment with serial numbers.

Manage all your media productions from one place

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