Support & Services Fair Use Policy

Fair use policy and scope of support

A subscription with Rentman includes not only access to the software, but also essentially unlimited access to our industry-leading support services. This means that you can contact us at any time, on a number of different channels.

To best help our 50 thousand daily users in their work, we ask you to use this access to our support services fairly, as defined below. The support manager will review customer activities that exceed at least five times the average amount of support requests to determine if such activities are deemed to be excessive. 

Have you already made use of our support, but would like some extra assistance? Please head over to our Professional Services, where you can purchase extra help tailored to your needs.


Product Guidance

What is included

Guidance for built-in features
Rentman support service provides guidance and explanation for built-in features of the software. 

We enable customers to self-serve through in-depth articles on all aspects of Rentman on our Support Center, how-to videos, and hour-long webinars. We provide our customers with references to our existing resources. Also, we provide information on best practices to follow during the implementation.

We are dedicated to assisting in diagnosing and troubleshooting warnings, errors and bugs within the Rentman software.

We greatly value our customer's feedback, as it is fundamental to inform our development process. When a customer provides feedback to support, our agents ensure that all feedback in the scope of Rentman is processed and logged accordingly to internal processes.

What is not included

Custom Implementations
Client issues with products that are not set up in accordance with the official product documentation are considered out of the scope of the support service. We may propose best practices and offer clients advice. However, additional assistance falls within the scope of professional consulting that can be provided by our Professional Services.

Complete Implementations
The support service does not cover providing complete implementations for clients based on user-specific scenarios. Consulting on the implementation is offered through our Professional Services. 

Source Code Explanation
We will provide resources on how to access and edit (when applicable) the relevant source code of document templates and detailed documentation on our Public API. Guidance on or the writing of code to reach specific results is not included in our support, but may be provided by our Professional Services. 


Bug Reports and Feature Requests

What is included

Bug investigation and confirmation
Rentman support investigates and confirms bugs that appear to be present in Rentman. In the process of investigating reports, we may request that clients provide us with all relevant information necessary to confirm the bug (this may include screen sharing).

We are committed to suggesting workarounds, when available, for confirmed product bugs. Where possible, we also provide information on releases containing a fix for a bug or an implemented feature request.

Time to fix
Every change in the software has an influence on all of our customers. Because of this, we have to investigate each bug thoroughly and process them in our development and quality assurance process.

What is not included

Feature Implementations
When developing Rentman, we always strive to add the features that can most help our users. This means that we cannot develop custom solutions only for one account or user. We may agree to develop a feature that falls into the scope of Rentman with higher priority for a fee. However, developing solutions for functionality that differs from the built-in behavior of a product is ultimately determined internally.

Third-party Bugs
We do not debug customers’ or third-party programming code or address issues that derive from external and custom-made integrations. We offer an API consultancy/support service in our Professional Services. 


Phone assistance

Available only for licenses that include phone assistance

If your license does not currently include phone assistance, please upgrade to either a Classic or Pro license. For more information on this, please go to our website.  

What is included

Quick Advice & Troubleshooting
Rentman phone assistance is a service for getting quick advice and directions on the intended usage of the Rentman software and their built-in features, or the reporting of bugs. By contacting our support team, clients can get guidance on how to address known issues or implement commonly encountered use-cases. 

What is not included

Immediate Solutions
We remain dedicated to addressing customer queries regarding Rentman over the phone. However, we reserve the right to research the case offline and provide additional information over the ticketing system by logging a ticket on behalf of the client.


Chat assistance

To ensure that we can provide as many customers as possible with good support, we ask that our customers only use the chat for short and straightforward questions.

What is included

Quick response times
We strive to answer each chat within 30 minutes, with real-time chatting once an agent joins a chat.

Single requests
Clear-cut requests that can be answered quickly. 

What is not included

Long conversations and complex questions
Issues that require long and complex investigations are also not included. If you have a complex question or issue, we invite you to contact us either by email or phone.