Time Tracking Software

Protect your margins, and get paid for every billable hour.

Track worked hours accurately, understand true labor costs, and invoice your clients for the exact time you put in. 


No more last-minute surprises

Make better estimations, and keep your business profitable.

Account managers

Quote more accurately

Estimating labor costs upfront can be a nightmare, especially if you work with complex rules for overtime.

Let Rentman crunch the numbers for you, so you can send accurate quotes to your customers, and not let them pay for calculation mistakes down the line. 


Automate complex wage calculations

Save hours of your time by calculating overtime, double-time, or midnight to 6 a.m. shifts all in seconds.  


View real-time coverage 

See who’s on shift, who’s running late, and who’s working overtime.

Let crew members and freelancers clock in and out from the Rentman mobile app, and you’ll receive their attendance data right away.


Register worked hours from anywhere

Give your team the autonomy to respond to job invites on the go, register worked hours, and stay up-to-date on schedule changes without needing to access a desktop.

Keep your business afloat (1)

Take manual errors out of invoicing

Be confident that projects are profitable and customers are invoiced correctly by comparing estimates of your planned workforce to actual costs.


Understand true labor costs

Compare scheduled hours against previous jobs to make sure that upcoming forecasts are as accurate as possible and teams are running on budget.


Your back office, in their front pocket

Keep your teams informed and engaged.

Your team lives on their phones—so should everything they need to be successful at work.

With Rentman's free mobile app, crew members and freelancers have 24/7 access to all the information they need to be successful at work.


  • No more last-minute phone calls
  • Prevent miscommunication
  • Share complete job instructions
  • Send emails and printable call sheets
Keep your business afloat

Clear-cut insights

Understand true labor costs and protect your margins.

Compare estimated hours, planned costs, and actual costs of past projects to make realistic forecasts for upcoming jobs.

Easily adjust your staffing to reduce labor costs and keep profit margins healthy.

  • Make accurate forecasts
  • Keep projects profitable
  • Prevent overtime and extra costs

Have full visibility of your invoices

Connect Rentman to the payroll software of your choice.

Get an overview of which invoices are already paid, and which ones still need some attention.

Invoices marked as paid in Quickbooks, Exact Online, or Xero will automatically have their payment statuses updated in Rentman.

  • Sync payments across systems
  • Integrate with Quickbooks, Xero, or Exact online
  • Connect to any other software using our API 

Start quoting more accurately. Try Rentman for free.

  • Free 30-day trial
  • Access to unlimited features
  • No credit card required


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av & lighting production  •  6 employees

With Custom Pay Rates, we can save as much as 20 to 30 minutes per quote.

Arik Perelman, CEO - Gear Connection

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