Party & Catering Management software

Running a party rental & catering business is stressful. You need to plan the logistics of events, share details with your customers and make sure that your inventory is rotating correctly.

Control all of these steps in one place with Rentman to help you save time, make better predictions for future events, and increase customer satisfaction!

  • Make sure that your inventory is rotating correctly
  • Communicate with your customers more easily 
  • Create and re-use packages for similar types of events
  • Show your customers an impression of the look & feel of the event
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Rentman helps us to work more effectively by reducing the time needed to schedule our equipment, crew, and vehicles over different events.

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Bookings from your webshop

Get online bookings from your web shop

Spend less time communicating with your customers by giving them a complete view of your product range and the ability to choose and reserve items directly from your website.

Use pre-built templates to automatically fill orders with relevant information (like delivery costs, delivery times...), then generate and send custom quotes to your customers.

  • Receive orders directly from your website
  • Connect your inventory in Rentman with your web shop
  • Use templates to automatically fill orders with rates, delivery costs and rental terms
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Pre-built templates

Speed up your sales flow with pre-built templates

Many events require the same types of resources. With project templates, you can easily add recurring information, times, and costs to save time on planning and communication.

Just fill in the starting date of an event and handle orders in minutes.

  • Include event schedules on your documents
  • Automatically add deposits and delivery terms to quotes & invoices
  • Automatically add transport before & after an event 
  • Apply hourly rates, additional costs, and discounts
Payments easier

Make payments easier for you and your customers

Let your customers choose their preferred payment method, whether it's B2B or B2C, and receive payments instantly.

Digital payments in Rentman make it easier and quicker for your customers to pay you. When a payment is made, the status of your invoice gets updated automatically.

  • Add payment links to invoices
  • Send automatic payment confirmations
  • Send automatic payment reminders
Charge your customers

Only charge your customers for what they’ve used

Quote your food, drinks, and other consumables based on a price per item and only invoice your customers for what they’ve used.

Consumables that are returned to your warehouse after an event can easily be subtracted from your customer’s invoice and re-added to your Rentman stock.

  • Add extra items and text to your quote
  • Subtract unused consumables from an invoice and only charge your customers for what they've used
  • Easily re-add unused consumables back to your stock
Keep track of damaged and lost items

Keep track of damaged and lost items

Unfortunately, items like glasses often don't make their way back to your warehouse.

After an event, quickly check how many glasses are missing or damaged, decide if you should charge your customer on the invoice, and take them out of stock.

  • Identify missing and damaged items and add them to the invoice
  • Specify replacement costs per item
  • Automatically adjust your inventory count when items didn’t return
  • Keep a list of customers that still need to partially return an order

Solve transportation and logistical challenges

In the party & catering industry, you often deal with many orders and deadlines at the same time. It can be challenging to plan and keep track of multiple deliveries happening on the same day. The last thing that you want is to have angry customers because their orders were not delivered on time.

In Rentman, you can easily avoid this by combining trips and finding the optimal delivery route. The software even calculates the total volume of your orders and lets you know which vehicle you should use for your trip, so you no longer need to guess if an order can fit in one vehicle.

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  • Easily meet all of your deadlines

    Use our drag and drop function to create and manage deliveries to make sure that your orders get delivered in the most efficient way while taking deadlines into account.

  • Know which vehicle to use with volume calculations

    The total volume of your orders is calculated automatically, so you will always know which vehicle you should use for each trip. It is even possible to create packages in Rentman when you are used to packing and transporting items together. This makes sure that all of your volume calculations are correct and that you optimize the space in your vehicles.

  • Combine trips and find the optimal route

    Use our API to connect your logistics software (Routetitan, PTV, etc.) with Rentman and find the best routes for your deliveries. Monitor vehicles and upcoming trips in a single view, and use the drag-and-drop function to allocate the appropriate vehicles to trips.

Use images to inform your customers

Add images to your documents and spend less time communicating

Adding images to your documents helps your customers to get an idea of the products that you are renting to them and saves you hours of back and forth communication. This can especially be useful when you have multiple types of the same item (like chairs).

  • Add images to items in your inventory, so your crew can easily recognize them
  • Show product images on your quote to let your customers know what they can expect
  • Generate a mood board as part of your quote
Offer packages quote

Create a package deal for multiple items

Bundle items together that are often sold/rented together or that you would like to offer in a package. Think of a table and bench set (one table, two benches) that you usually rent out together but could also be rented out separately.

  • Create packages for items that are often rented/sold together
  • Use decimals for food packages (e.g. 0.2 sausage, 0.3 steak, 200 grams of potato salad, etc.)
  • Price a combination of items differently than the sum of the individual items
  • Save time by including predefined packages in your quotes

The platform your entire team can use


Fast and easy handling of orders

Rentman allows you to handle incoming orders quickly, with the use of templates, automatic email responses and the possibility to send out quotes directly from the software. By managing all steps of the planning process from one single platform, managing incoming orders has never been easier.

  • Manage web shop products, orders, quoting, and transport in one system
  • Easily send quotes to your customers from your Rentman Workspace and get notified when they approve them with their E-signature
  • Use templates to complete order information in a few clicks
Warehouse/ Logistics

Always know where your inventory is located

With Rentman you’ll have a complete overview of where your inventory is located at all times. Seeing which items have already been scanned and packed allows for easy collaboration with your fellow warehouse crew.

  • Digital and printed packing slips
  • See in real time what your colleagues have already packed
  • Track if expected deliveries have arrived
  • Split out your packing slips by department
  • Support for multiple warehouses and stock locations
Plan transportation and logistics

Clear overview of invoices and deposits

When renting out items, you need to be flexible, as extra items are often added at the last minute. In Rentman you can easily add additional invoice lines on the go, register deposits, and see if deposits have been returned.

  • Connect Rentman to QuickBooks, Xero, or your preferred accounting software by using our API
  • Receive an overview of what still needs to be invoiced
  • Send automatic payment reminders
  • Choose different invoice moments for different clients
Drivers/ Crew

Keep drivers and crew up to date

With the Rentman mobile app, your crew will be able to receive notifications on the go. Employees can be kept up to date about new instructions or last minutes changes.

  • Check instructions and location details from the app
  • See to which vehicle you are assigned
  • Report defects and upload images from the app
  • Send automatic payment reminders
  • Let customers sign in to the Rentman app to view deliveries
  • Receive updates about last minute changes on the go

Why use Rentman to manage your party rental or catering business

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  • We understand your business - made for your industry

    We know the ins and outs of the event industry. We know what can go wrong and what is important when planning the logistics of an event.

  • Manage every step of the planning process from one platform

    Instead of using multiple platforms to plan an event, you now only need one. Communicating with your crew, assigning the right transportation, logging damaged equipment or creating quotes and managing payments can all easily be done with Rentman.

  • Save time on communication

    Reduce time and costs by connecting Rentman to a web shop and let your customers order online. Present your products visually on your quotes to give your customer an idea of what the event will look like.

Manage every step of your planning process in one platform

With Rentman you save time on communication and never lose track of which items were lost after an event.

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