Projects & Bookings

Eliminate miscommunication and long quoting times.

Bring your teams together to plan, track, and collaborate on every project.

Project Manager (1)

Get your projects off the ground faster

Go from concept to quote in minutes.


Set up projects in seconds

Manage incoming orders, store all the details for the job, and collaborate with team members all in one centralized place, even when you're on the go.


Automate project planning

Turn successful projects into reusable templates and save time planning your next project.


Quote now, plan later

Get quick access to availability and costs, so you can send your quote without needing to communicate with multiple departments.

Focus on getting your proposal sent, before assigning specific crew members, vehicles, and equipment to the job.


Plan flexibly

Group equipment and jobs to organize them at different times or categories, or to adjust the project price.


Quickly generate quotes

Combine all your project information into one professional quote with the click of a button.

You can choose from pre-made templates or create your own to only show the information your client needs to see.


Get your quotes accepted quickly

Your clients can approve quotes in seconds with an e-signature.

Prevent scheduling conflicts and miscommunication

Bring everyone's work into one place.

Align all of your teams

Be sure that each team member knows what was promised to the client, what the others are working on, and how the project is progressing. Eliminate the need for manual status updates and handover meetings.


  • Centralize project information
  • Keep everyone on the same page
  • Know how to allocate resources

Deliver better customer experiences

Personalize your relationship with customers by storing preferences like discounts, payment conditions, and notes for each contact.


  • Remember important details
  • Add reminders for future jobs
  • Have a custom approach for each customer


Quick and easy scheduling

Get a clear timeline view of what's available or not for each job, so you can prevent common mistakes like double bookings, and know when you need to subrent extra items.


  • See what's available, broken or lost
  • Be sure that equipment goes out complete
  • Solve shortages with subrentals or alternatives


Staff events 70% quicker

Say goodbye to hundreds of telephone calls and manual emails. Schedule the right crew, at the right times, across different roles or locations by having access to information that is always live and 100% reliable.


  • See who's available
  • Assign crew members to jobs
  • Prevent burnouts and unbalanced workloads 

Simple, fast and accurate quoting

Generate financial documents in seconds and turn proposals into quotes your customers will approve of.

Add images, custom text, and use your corporate branding to make your proposals easily recognizable.


  • Stand out from your competition
  • Build a good reputation with customers
  • Don't lose out on potential revenue


Stay connected with your teams

Your crew members and freelancers have access to free basic accounts that can be used to view schedules and manage tasks, files and messages.


  • Keep your teams in sync 24/7
  • Increase team productivity
  • Be sure that deadlines are met


Be in control of the project progress

Don't miss a deadline again

Stay in control at every stage.

Rentman makes it easier to see what actions you still need to keep every project on track.

With status icons, you see immediately what projects have unresolved shortages, unconfirmed quotes, pending invoices, or open tasks.

  • View the stage of each project at a glance
  • Spot project gaps
  • Keep all your projects on track

Keep every project in the green

Know where to cut costs and increase profits.

Track how your projects progress to ensure you stay within the budget. Compare actual time and budget to estimates and control your costs.

  • Protect your margins
  • Track all costs within a project and divide them by category
  • Create better estimates for future projects 

Set different permissions for every user

Hide confidential information.

When multiple people are involved in planning, you might not want all of them to access the same information. With detailed user permissions, you stay in control of what information each user gets to see.

  • Specify per file if it contains sensitive information
  • Prevent people from accidentally deleting information
  • Hide financial information from project managers


Made for you and your team

Get all teams working as one.

Project manager

Always know if the project is on track

Manage crew, equipment and transportation, all from one place. Save time communicating with different departments and make sure all resources are where they need to be.


  • Collaborate with multiple departments
  • Improve your quoting time 
  • Know where to cut costs and increase profits.
  • Stay ahead of your competition


Project Manager (1)
Company owner

Ensure that every project is profitable

Track the performance of account managers, and ensure that projects stay within the budget. Compare actual time and budget to estimates and control costs.


  • Protect your margins
  • Create better estimates for future projects
  • Hide confidential information from users


Warehouse manager

Share reliable information about stock levels

Save hours of communication with account managers by always showing them what you have on hand in every warehouse.


  • Prevent miscommunication
  • Put an end to double bookings
  • Avoid equipment shortages


Crew member / freelancer

Access project information from anywhere

Get instant access to the information you need to get the job done: from riders to floor plans, power distribution schemes, parking permissions, and much more.


  • Register worked hours
  • See packing slips
  • Report damages and lost items



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