Keeping your data safe and secure

We take security seriously at Rentman. That's why we meet the highest industry standards when it comes to protecting and securing your data.


Our servers are hosted in major European data centers where the data is continuously being monitored. In case of a problem specialists are immediately available to fix the issue and ensure a smooth performance  of all processes. The infrastructure of Amazon provides all customers of Rentman with a high level of confidentiality, integrity and availability. 

  • Designed with full redundancy
  • All data stored in two separate data centers
  • In case of problems Rentman automatically switches data center
  • Up-time of more than 99,995% over the past four years

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Theft and Privacy

Other important aspects of data security are the protection against theft and  ensuring privacy. Each Rentman customer has his/her own database. This makes it impossible for the personal information of Rentman customers to be dislocated at any point.

  • Secured connections between our servers and your devices
  • Impossible for outsiders to intercept any user data
  • Always check for the green lock on the left of your browser's adress bar

Safe Back-ups

We don’t only make sure that your system is always online, but we also provide maximum protection against data loss. In case of any disruptions to our service, your data is always safely backed-up and can be restored by our operations team.

  • Full recoveries in case of data loss
  • Daily recovery within the last half year
  • Additional nightly back-ups at a local third site