Inventory Management

Be in full control
 of your inventory.

From availability to maintenance, know every detail about each piece of equipment that’s in your warehouse and stay on top of the location of your gear 24/7.

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Prevent frustration and chaos

Keep a tight grip on your inventory.

Setting up your inventory in Rentman is easy. Simply compile your equipment list by importing existing data from spreadsheets or other software solutions.

View your equipment availability in seconds and have a better grip on what’s available, broken, lost, or in need of service.

Use QR codes, barcodes, or RFID technology to know where your gear is at all times and prevent unexpected surprises and lost items.

Keep track of repairs and past inspections to make sure that your equipment is always up to standard.

Create reports based on your equipment’s usage, repairs, or subrentals to make better decisions about what items are worth purchasing or restocking.

Say goodbye to guesswork

Know every detail about your equipment.

Gain a complete overview of each item on a serial number level. From cost to usage, warranty, and depreciation data, Rentman allows you to see your gear’s entire history. Use it to make more informed purchases, track asset performance, and better manage your inventory.

  • Always know what you have in stock.
  • See complete details of every item.
  • Keep your team informed.
  • Make better purchasing decisions.
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Know the whereabouts of your gear

Stop losing items as soon as they leave your warehouse

Put the days of losing equipment after an event or production behind you. Always know where your gear is in real-time. 

  • Track equipment on a serial level number.
  • Set mandatory scanning locations for your gear.
  • Use QR codes and RFID to monitor equipment movements.
  • Track equipment movement across multiple warehouses and stock locations.
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event production & design  •  5 employees

“With Rentman we are saving probably around 30 to 40% of our time that we can now invest into value-added areas that help us deliver higher quality events."

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Know where your equipment is at all times

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