RFID Tracking

Track items faster and more accurately.

Imagine being able to identify hundreds of items in seconds.

That's the power of RFID.

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Why should you invest in RFID?

Track items 90% quicker

Scan and process hundreds of items in seconds without the need to physically scan every individual item.


Identify missing items in seconds

Instantly check the number of items brought back and identify missing items like cables in seconds.

Save 3 to 4 hours per week

Let your crew members do less manual work, and give them more time to work on perfecting productions. 

How RFID works

The components of RFID technology

RFID Reader (Scanner)

Includes a transceiver & an antenna. The reader receives data from the RFID tag and stores it in a database.


Includes a transponder with a circuit & an atenna. The tag transmits inventory data to the reader.


Data transmitted to the database gets identified. This is where the connection with Rentman happens.

Get started with RFID tracking

3 simple steps to start using RFID.


The first step after purchasing your hardware might seem like the most tedious one, as you have to manually attach tags to each piece of equipment. We recommend grouping items based on a set of criteria, such as materials, size, importance etc.

For equipment where attaching the tag is difficult, such as cables, we recommend getting heat shrinking tubes to secure your tags in place.


Tip: Since tags are relatively small, make sure to mark tagged items to have a better overview of items that still have to be tagged.


Link tags to equipment in your Rentman account by using the Rentman app. 


  1. Open the Rentman app and select the items you want to link
  2. Go to the 'Serial numbers' tab
  3. Start scanning the item and the tag will automatically be detected

Grab all the tagged items that you need and place them inside the flight case.


Once you're done packing, grab your RFID scanner and scan your flight case to see the items inside.


Get the right RFID reader

We recommend getting a scanner set from Zebra, such as the TC26 and the RFD40 for optimal performance.

The RFD40 pairs with the TC26 for optimal RFID capabilities. With its long-range scanning capabilities and high-speed data transfer, the device allows users to capture and transmit large amounts of data in real-time. 

Do you already have a Zebra scanner? Make sure it supports RFID, as not all of them have this capability.

Types of RFID tags


Extremely durable tag that can be used on and off metal surfaces. Use it on everything you want: cables, trussing, flightcases etc.


Thinner and more affordable than RM3, this tag can be used on any non-metal surface. Perfect for items that you hold in your hand.

On-metal sticker

Best performing tag for on-metal purposes, completely avoiding reflection of signal that is often caused by metals.

Get orders out the door in half the time.

Start using Rentman's RFID tracking today!

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av & event production  •  15 employees

RFID could slice time spent on finding lost items by half or more, making the process to identify missing items take mere minutes.

Thiadrik - Warehouse manager - MHB

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