Let your clients pay your invoices in euro online – quickly and easily

After creating an invoice (in euro) in Rentman, you want to let your clients pay as fast and painlessly as could be – do so with our Mollie integration.


Mollie & Rentman

Effortless payments

Easily add digital payment options to your invoices. Paying is like ripping a bandage off.

All payment methods

All common payment methods are supported, from credit cards to PayPal or even Apple pay.

Easy to set up and connect

Mollie is affordable and very easy to set up and connect. Painless for everyone.

What is Mollie?

Mollie helps businesses of all sizes sell and grow more efficiently with a solid but easy-to-use payment solution. Mollie handles transactions for more than 24,000 active customers, including Deliveroo, Lightspeed, Ahold or even Guess. With one contract with Mollie, a clear API and many ready-made modules, customers can receive their first payment within 15 minutes.

Set up the integration

To use the integration, you will have to set it up within Rentman. This article takes you through the how-to, and if needs be, our support team is equipped to assist you.

Start your free trial today

And experience how Rentman (& Mollie) can help you simplify your rental management.