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Boozed Event Design

Boozed work more efficiently by scheduling all of their resources in one place

event design  •  28 employees

"Rentman helps us to work more effectively by reducing the time needed to schedule our equipment, crew, and vehicles over different projects."

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What planning features have helped you?

Ina (project manager at Boozed): Rentman makes scheduling a lot easier for us. When scheduling equipment, I can immediately see what we have in stock. We can add individual items or create and add sets.

The crew and transport scheduling features are very easy to use and I can immediately see what staffing or transport costs will be. If any changes in the schedule arise, we only have to update the schedule and the times for the other will be updated automatically. Event schedules change constantly, that's why it's very useful for us that we can instantly send notifications to crew members when their personal schedule changes.

How do you manage your warehouse process with Rentman? 

Daniel (warehouse assistant): Our project managers provide me with a packing list on which I can see all the equipment we need but also the general schedule for the project. Items on the equipment list are already grouped, which saves me time in locating and packing them.

The packing list that I get states what types of items I need and also specific information about individual items. That means I know right away how many types of tables I need.This saves a lot of time because I can find the same types of items quickly and that makes the whole process much faster.

With Rentman I have all the information I need immediately and easily accessible in the system.

How does Rentman help organize your planning?  

Niels (Freelancer for Boozed): From my Rentman calendar, I can see all the jobs I’m scheduled on and I can access all the information I need for a particular job. It gives me an overview of all the information I need about the venue, the contact person, the job scheduling and how many people I’m going to be working with.

If I need more information, I just download the order list or the project plan. This means I no longer have to send emails to colleagues with summaries and different types of lists. Around 2-3 days before the event, the project manager sends me the definite project plan so that I can prepare myself for the job. 

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