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Arendje reduces errors and time spent on processing orders with Rentman

party rental  •  60 employees

When evaluating Rentman, we appreciated the flexibility, overall efficiency of the workflows and insight of performance in Rentman.

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Arendje Catering, Party and Event Rental offers rental of equipment to manage your party, event or other occasion. With over 45 years of experience and 30,000 orders in 2019, Arendje is considered to be part of the top class party rental companies in the Netherlands. 


What challenges needed solving?

With 30,000 web orders in 2019, it became a problem to process these quickly and efficiently. Each order required multiple touch points from an office worker. With such a large order volume, the margin of error and time spent on each order was often very high. 

There was also a lack of insight into performance. Without this insight, it was difficult to pinpoint exactly where in each process improvements could be made. For example, Wim knew there was a high margin of error, but determining which touch points had higher errors was tough to do. 

I wanted to improve efficiency, so any package that asked for too many clicks or was prone to errors was not an option.

Wim Bruggeman CEO Arendje

How did you come to a solution?

While evaluating rental management solutions, there were several important factors to evaluate such as: 

  • margin of error
  • speed of workflows
  • amount of touch points from an office worker
  • Insight into performance

Packages that included too many clicks or inefficient flows were immediately disqualified from the search. When evaluating Rentman, Wim appreciated the flexibility, overall efficiency of the workflows and insight of performance in Rentman. Wim said, “Rentman's commitment that their software could help us combined with the reputation Rentman had built with us in the past gave me decisive confidence.” 


What were the results of your solution?

A web order or incoming digital subrental request now takes about 10 seconds to process at the office. Rentman makes the work easier and less prone to errors. This gives the Arendje team more confidence in the process and proves rewarding. 

This, combined with the integration with logistics planning software, results in an efficiency increase of more than 100%. Arendje plans transport functions in Rentman and uses their logistics planning software to ensure that each vehicle drives the most efficient routes. This has a significant effect on staffing levels and Arendje overall. It certainly also saves a lot of phone calls!

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