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Plan equipment with precision using smart planning suggestions

Worried you might forget to plan all the equipment items you need for your next project?

Set your mind at ease with smart planning suggestions - Rentman’s adaptive tool designed to give you the confidence you need to swiftly and accurately plan equipment for your next project. ✨


Reinvent how you plan equipment with smart planning suggestions

Smart planning suggestions is an innovative feature designed to provide you with quick and savvy recommendations on items you should consider adding to a specific project.

These recommendations are based on behavioral patterns detected in how you’ve planned projects in the past with Rentman, such as:

  • Items that you’ve planned on a similar project
  • Items that are often planned together
  • Items that are usually requested by a specific customer

Rentman then analyses these behavioral patterns and presents you with a list of suggestions specifically designed to help you plan the right equipment you’ll need for your next project. ✅


Get quick reminders for items worth planning to a project

Get useful hints for all the equipment you might need to plan for an upcoming project by using Rentman’s smart planning suggestions feature.💫

Once you’re ready to add equipment to a project in Rentman, simply review the list of suggested equipment items that appear on your screen. Use it as a quick checklist to remind yourself to schedule important equipment items like cables that are easy to forget when you’re planning projects.

How it works:

  1. Visit the Equipment tab of a project in the Projects module
  2. View your list of Smart Suggestions
  3. Add a suggested item to an equipment group to plan it to your project

Tip: Easily access important details about the equipment items you’ve added from your Smart Suggestions list by filtering your overview based on your Stock Location.

This view shows you useful insights that affect the distribution of your equipment once an item has been planned to a specific project, such as the:

  1. Usage period of the items you’ve planned
  2. Availability of item in your stock location(s)


How to get access to this feature

Smart planning suggestions statuses are not available with Rentman’s Legacy plans. If you are on a Legacy plan, you will need to upgrade to a plan with Rentman’s Equipment Scheduling product. Read more about upgrading your plan here.

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