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Improve the accuracy of your equipment tracking process with custom statuses

Struggling to keep tabs on your equipment? 🤔

As a warehouse manager, staying on top of your operations means knowing where your equipment is at all times.

The less you know about your equipment’s location, the easier it is to make mistakes that add unnecessary expenses to your company and give you and your crew a bad name.

Our latest update is here to give you even better insights on where your equipment is at all times! 💫


Add, remove, and configure custom statuses to know where your equipment is

Bring transparency to you and your warehouse crew and create as many custom statuses as you need to keep tabs on all your equipment at all times. ✨

How it works:

1. Head on over to the Configuration module →’Warehouse Statuses’ to see all current statuses used in your warehouse.

2. Click on ‘Add warehouse status’ to create a new status.

3. Confirm your changes when you’re done.

Statuses added here appear in:


Customize your overview based on your handling processes

  • Arrange your equipment handling process by dragging and dropping statuses in your preferred order
  • Make your processes more transparent for you and your team by naming statuses based on the handling needs of your project
  • Personalize your layout by removing unnecessary statuses that don’t match your handling process

⚠️ There are a few guidelines you must follow when adding, renaming, or deleting statuses. For information on this, please see our support center article.


How to get access to this feature

Custom statuses are not available with Rentman’s Legacy plans. If you are on a Legacy plan, you will need to upgrade to a plan with Rentman’s Equipment Tracking add-on. Read more about upgrading your plan here.

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