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Get ready for an even better Crew Scheduling product

Ready to take crew planning to the next level?

Rentman has got you covered. 😎

Reinvent how you schedule crew in 2023 with our crew product improvements - designed to optimize your planning processes, sharpen how you communicate with your team, and help you crush your projects this year and beyond. 💫


Empowering crew planners - because we got your back.

For crew planners, our mission at Rentman is clear: to ensure you have everything you need to manage and schedule your crew with maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Making your job easier is our priority. That’s why you can expect us to be fully engaged in improving and simplifying our Crew Scheduling product in the coming months.

We adopt a user-first approach at Rentman. That means that everything we do to develop, update and improve our products, we do it with our users, and for our users. These improvements and updates help make your processes as a crew planner run more efficiently, accurately, and simpler.

We already have quite a number of improvements and new features in the pipeline for you.

In fact, we’ve already launched the first ones. 😎

Ready to learn more?

Let's dive right in! 👇


New improvements to Rentman’s Crew Scheduling product


Improvement 1: Accurately schedule crew 3x faster using click-to-plan

Plan your crew to a specific job faster and more accurately with click-to-plan - a stress-free way to shorten your planning workflow and get the insights you need to schedule the right crew members to your functions.

How it works:

  1. Choose a function
  2. Select one or more crew members (or freelancers)
  3. View the crew member’s availability for the function by hovering over their name in the Availability timeline
  4. Plan the crew member in seconds by clicking on the highlighted section in the Availability timeline.

 Want to plan a crew member to multiple functions at once?

Don’t worry - you can select more than one function and assign it to crew members. You’ll get an automatic notification of their availabilities even when you plan them for multiple functions.



Improvement 2: Take full control of your planning processes with the improved crew scheduling overview

Love being on top of your planning workflow? Do it with Rentman. 😎

Stay in control of your crew scheduling processes with the latest color scheme we’ve added to your crew planner - created to make it easy to visualize important crew planning activities.

Use this color scheme to seamlessly distinguish between draft and definitive planning of crew members - that way, you can keep crew planning mistakes at a minimum.


What’s coming up next?

Power up your crew scheduling processes with our future releases.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the cool updates we’ll be releasing soon to help you work faster, smarter and easier with Rentman.


Sharpen your planning processes with our upcoming improvements

Avoid the chaos of crew planning.

Stay in control of your work processes by customizing your overview to suit your needs.

Here are some of the new ways you'll be able to do this in Rentman: 

  1. Filter based on functions that are fully scheduled
  2. Filter based on crew or transport functions
  3. Organize functions based on your work processes
  4. View scheduled and invited crew members in one place
  5. Get a 360° overview of your project statuses with collapsible project line views
  6. Verify the availability of a crew member by sending out confirmation requests
  7. Easily group and book specific crew teams using crew lists
  8. Plan the right crew member for a job by assigning them unique descriptive properties and filtering based on your needs
  9. Handle non-project specific tasks by assigning crew members to undefined functions
  10. Get a better visual overview of your schedule by optimizing screen space


Why are we sharing this with you?

Expectations: be aware of what's coming your way

Every improvement, big or small, means change. That means that over the next few months, you will notice a few differences to your Rentman interface. Don’t worry - once you get the hang of it, we’re sure you’ll love the new crew planner!

Trust: something to look forward to, since it will get much better

We will continue to work throughout the year to further improve and simplify working with Rentman. If you’ve been waiting for one of these new features or adjustments for a while, you don’t have to wait much longer - it’s coming soon!

Engagement: your ideas matter - we develop together with you


Be a part of our mission to make your job easier

The future of Rentman is in your hands.

Now that you know what’s in store for you, we invite you to join the conversation with us! If you have any ideas about the upcoming changes or new features, let us know. Because we develop our products together - with you, and for you.

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