Crew and transport filters (1)

Crew and transport filters – Focus on the information you need when scheduling

As a planner, you always want to get access to the right information when scheduling.

To help make your job easier, we’ve added new filters to the Crew Planner to help you quickly find the information you need when scheduling.


These new filters:

  1. Bring more clarity to your work 🧘
  2. Help you easily identify jobs that need to be done 🔎
  3. Save you a considerable amount of time spent on scheduling ⏱️


Crew and transport filters are a part of our series of Crew scheduling improvements designed to make your scheduling a lot easier. Head on over to this update post to learn more about why we’re making these changes.



New filters available in Rentman’s Crew Planner


1. Crew functions

Need to hide all crew functions from your timeline so you can focus on scheduling transportation?

Click on the Crew functions filter to hide all crew functions. 🪄


2. Fully scheduled functions

If you need to quickly see which functions still need to be filled, click on the Fully scheduled functions filter to hide all fully scheduled functions. ✨


3. Transport functions

Want to hide all transport functions?

Click on the Transport functions filter to hide them from your view, so you can focus on scheduling crew. 🚚


4. Other filters

There are also new filters added for:

  • Hiding open invitations
  • Hiding answered/ expired invitations
  • Hiding reservations

These new filters also come with some minor design changes to improve your scheduling experience, including:

  • A new button for the precise mode view,
  • New placement for filters, tags, and presets



How to get access to these improvements

These improvements are only available with Rentman’s Crew Scheduling product. If you’re on a Legacy plan, or do not have access to this product, you will need to upgrade your plan.

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